2 Day Kalai Village Trek


Day 1: TBC km Trek:

Dense Jungle Trek

Accommodation – camping

Morning: Meet at the office where you will be taken to the Kalai Village (Kreng tribe) near Banlung. This is where you will start your trek – passing several tribe farms and paddy fields before you enter into the green jungle.You first pass through relatively open jungle where you can watch out for flying dragons on tree trunks.

Lunch: You will have lunch by a small stream close to a small hill you can climb for scenic views.

Afternoon: After a days trekking through dense mountain jungle, you’ll arrive at yuor campsite near a pool. Here you can swim and relax.

Evening: On the campfire, we prepare your evening meal and have a cup of coffee or tea. Later you will enjoy some rice wine or a traditional jarwine by candle light and camp fire – all the time listening to the sound of the jungle and the tranquil running stream.

Refreshing swimming hole

Fascinating stories will be told by your ranger and guide where you can learn about both Khmer and hill-tribe traditions, culture and their life experiences.

Sleeping: While camping, we make a shelter and we use a hammock with an attached mosquito net and a blanket to sleep.


Day 2: TBC km Trek

Morning: After a good nights rest and a nice breakfast, you pack your ham

Chill out with the local tribe people, the Kreng

mocks and walk back through the jungle along hills to the village where you started.

Lunch: We cook lunch along the way in the jungle and you have time to wonder about to see some native animals including birds, lizards or even macaques.

Afternoon: You will arrive at Kalai around 4pm and the pickup will transfer you back to town.


Price Includes: Price Excludes:
Professional good English speaking guide
Indigenous ranger / expert tracker
All necessary transportation (1-2 people by moto, 3-4 by tuk-tuk, 5 or more by car or 4x4WD)
All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Beverages (water, coffee and tea)
All sleeping equipment: hammock, mosquito-net and blanket
All entrance fees
Personal expenses


The Price per day: Things to bring:
1 person – $55
2 people – $34 per person
3-4 people – $30 perperson
5-7 people – $26 per person
8-10 people – $23 per person
Clothes: long trousers, T shirts, bathing suit,
a set of clothes for the night.
Footware: sturdy boots, socks, flip flops
Please note: Besides your personal belongings you will
need to carry extra stuff such as hammock, three bottle
of water + meals for day one.


*Please Note:
If you are an individual, we will try and pair you up with another group. If this is not possible and you still wish to do the trek then we will have to charge you a single supplement price according to the price list. For a private trek please ask for the price and let us know in advance that you don’t want to join with other individuals/groups. Treks run throughout the year, in both wet and dry seasons.

***Important note: 
This itinerary is written based on our research expeditions. It should be read in order to get a good impression and NOT as a detailed hour by hour itinerary.
Parrot Tours Adventure Trekking Ratanakiri, Cambodia has the right to change parts, or divert the route of the trek due to extreme weather and terrain conditions for your safety and /or in order to follow guidelines of the indigenous rangers without any prior notice.