Deep Jungle Trek & Bamboo Rafting in Virachey National Park: 3-10 Days

Trip duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Day 1: 5 hr Trek – Lunch & Dinner

Leave the office in Banlung at 8:30am. We bring you to VuernSai district (VuernSai is located 40 km north of Banlung). It takes 60 minutes to drive there.
When you arrive at VuernSai, you’ll take a boat on Ton Le San River for 5 minutes and then you will see a smaller river. It is called O’La Lai River. Your boat will follow this river for 40 minutes where you will arrive at the very remote village of the Kavet ethnic minority. The Kavet people are very friendly and 20 percent of the villagers are still living in bamboo houses.
We meet our tribal ranger there and take a tour around the village with your guide and ranger. You have lunch in this village and afterwards the real trek starts.
In the beginning, you trek leads to an area inhabited by tarantula spiders. Your guide and ranger are very expert at their task and they’ll show you how to use a grass leaf to get a tarantula to come out of its hole if they find a tarantula’s hole.
Then you continue to trek deeper into the bamboo forest where there is a river, which is 35 meters wide by 2 meters deep. You have to swim across this river but there’s no need to worry about your stuff as we have plastic to pack and floating it across the river safely.
Once you are across, you will be told to put on long clothes as there are insects like leeches and other insects, which like to suck your blood. You keep on hiking for another 90 minutes and reach a beautiful waterfall with a deep clear pond at its bottom waiting to rinse the sweat of your body.
Your guide and ranger set up the shelter by the waterfall, prepare hammocks and make a fire to cook dinner. You enjoy your dinner by candle and fire light and sleep overnight in a peaceful world deep in the jungle.
It is possible to go on a night safari trek for approximately an hour if you don’t feel too tired. Please let our guide know as they’re always ready for this.


Day 2: 5 – 6hr Trek – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Early in the morning, you will hear noises of wildlife like gibbons, monkeys, birds and other native animals.
You get up at 7:30am for breakfast. Then you start trekking for 2 hours, deeper into the old dense primary jungle and make a loop towards a big river in the jungle. On this second day of trekking, you will enjoy the sights of this old jungle with many different kinds of huge trees (trees which have been living for hundreds of years in this jungle), where sometimes we are off the beaten tracks. Your ranger will use his machete to make a path through the jungle in some cases. There is a high chance for you to see wildlife such as gibbons, monkeys, different bird species, wild boar, deer and maybe even bears. However, there is no guarantee of this as the wildlife are afraid of people. As you are trekking under the tree canopy, your guide and ranger will show and explain about some natural survival resources such as different kinds of vines that contain water, which you can cut and drink from, different eatable and aromatic fruit and also different poisonous plants to avoid.
You reach the river around 12pm midday and take a break for lunch. After lunch, you help each other to chop some bamboo, carry it to the river, slice young bamboo to make rope and use it to tie the bamboo together to build a bamboo raft. You’ll make bamboo paddles also and start rafting down the river.
After 30 minutes rafting, you’ll reach a large rapid where there are a few indigenous families living in small bamboo houses.  You will be staying overnight with one of these families.
There is a mountain with panoramic views next to these tribal houses, which you will climb for wonderful views of this huge jungle, which is bordered by 3 countries (Cambodia, Lao and Vietnam), before spending the night with these jungle ethnic minority tribes people.
After sunset, you’ll come back down and have dinner with the family. After dinner, there will be a little party for you to experience drinking some traditional home made jar wine of these indigenous people. You can talk with them about their lifestyle, livelihood, culture and traditions.

Day 3: 3hrs – rafting, walking – Breakfast & Lunch

You say “Goodbye”to the family after breakfast and start rafting down river for 3 hours. You’ll arrive back at the same village as the first day. You walk off the raft into the village and have lunch with the ranger and say ”Goodbye” to him. From here, you travel south by boat back to Vuernsai. In Vuernsai, transport is waiting to take you on a 60 minute trip back to Banlung.


Price Includes: Price Excludes:
Transportation by moto or 4x4WD
(1-3 people by moto, 4 people up by 4x4WD),
good English speaking guide,
indigenous ranger expert tracker,
meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as described above,
water ,coffee and tea, boat trip,
all camping gears: hammock, mosquito net,
blanket and tent, all entrance fees
Personal expenses
Snacks, Insurrance,
breakfast before the trek,
dinner after the trek


The Price per day: Things to bring:
1 person – $75
2 people – $49 per person
3-4 people – $45 per person
5-7 people – $42 per person
During the actual trek; long trousers, T shirt,
bathing suit, closed shoes, sun cream, insect repellent,
sun glasses, camera, small first aid kit, toileteries.
During the night; a set of clothes for the night,
sandals or flip flops, towel. From November till half
February nights can be cold.
Please note: Besides your personal belongings you will
need to carry extra stuff such as hammock, three bottle
of water + meals for day one.


*Please Note:
If you are an individual, we will try and pair you up with another group. If this is not possible and you still wish to do the trek then we will have to charge you a single supplement price according to the price list. For a private trek please ask for the price and let us know in advance that you don’t want to join with other individuals/groups. Treks run throughout the year, in both wet and dry seasons.

***Important note:
This itinerary is written based on our research expeditions. It should be read in order to get a good impression and NOT as a detailed hour by hour itinerary.
Parrot Tours Adventure Trekking Ratanakiri, Cambodia has the right to change parts, or divert the route of the trek due to extreme weather and terrain conditions for your safety and /or in order to follow guidelines of the indigenous rangers without any prior notice.