Virachey Trekking and Wildlife Spotting

About The Area:

Virachey Trekking and Wildlife Spotting leads you to a newly discovered area by Parrot Tours team inside Virachey National Park, offering something unique and different from other Jungle Trek experiences. The area, rich with beautiful lush primary jungle, waterfalls, rapids, rivers, wildlife, provides for unique trekking with a higher chance of sighting critical and endangered species such as gibbon, silivered-langur, doc-langur, slow-loris, fawn-deer, giant horn-bill, deer, wild boar, cats and even bear. Since this is an area away from the common treks, you have the best chance to spot Wildlife!

Trekking duration 2, 3 & 4 days

In short description:

Amazing jungle trekking and camping with a great chance to spot wildlife, jungle bathing & bamboo showering, all while learning about the secrets of jungle plants and local tribal culture. In this beautiful forest, where the best and highest chances to spot wildlife is, you can choose to trek for 2 to 4 days.


Itinerary: (This itinerary is for 4 days, but you can choose to trek for only 2 or 3 days according to your preferences)

Day 1: 4 hours jungle discovery trek & camping

8:30am depart from Banlung to Vuernsai, cross the Sesan river with a local ferry, travel on to the Kavet tribal village to meet your Kavet tribal ranger and start trekking into the jungle! The trek begins with entry to the secondary forest and shift-cultivation area followed by a lunch break and then entry into the primary forest. The trek goes up and down hills and along many dense paths; your English speaking guide and local ranger will show you and explain in detail the many natural resources of the jungle, while also being on the lookout for spotting wildlife, for which there is a great chance. Before you know it you will arrive at the rapid where you can cool off by enjoying a bamboo shower and panoramic view. You will camp here overnight.

Day 2: 5 hours of trekking & camping

You get up at 5am and shortly thereafter trek for around 15 minutes to the gibbon inhabited area. You wait patiently for the famed gibbon calling, which starts at around 6-7am. When the group of gibbons arrives, it will call and you can observe them quietly.

After this two hour mission, you return to the camp for breakfast and pack your backpack for the day trek.

Today you will trek deeper into the pristine forest, learning about different jungle plants with great chance to see silivered-lngur, giant hornbills, and some trees that have been crashed by bears.

Lunch will take place by a small river and at night you will camp by a small waterfall (later in the dry season it may run out of water). At night time after enjoying dinner, you can go for a short safari night trek try to spot nocturnal species like slow loris, flying squirrels, forn-deer, repetiles and other native wildlife. The night trek is sure to be an exceptional experience!

Day 3: 4-5 hours of trekking & camping

After a good night’s rest and breakfast, you pack your luggage and then trek for around 5 hours. You will at times veer off the beaten track, expect your guide and ranger to use their machete to clear some trails!

Tonight you camp by a waterfall, where you can again enjoy a relaxing bamboo shower.

Day 4: 4 hours trekking& 2 hours traveling back to Banlung

Again you need an early rise for trying to look for spotting one of the biggest gibbon family groups, and then you enjoy breakfast, you will trek to the village on day 1. You have lunch at a local family and then say Goodbye to your ranger and travel with your guide back to Banlung.

Price Includes: Price Excludes:
Transportation by moto or 4x4WD
(1-3 people by moto, 4 people up by 4x4WD),
good English speaking guide,
indigenous ranger expert tracker,
meals : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as described above,
water ,coffee and tea, boat trip,
all camping gears: hammock, mosquito net,
blanket and tent, all entrance fees
Personal expenses
Snacks, Insurrance,
breakfast before the trek,
dinner after the trek


The Price per day: Things to bring:
1 person – $80
2 people – $47 per person
3-4 people – $43 per person
5-7 people – $39 per person

During the actual trek; long trousers, T shirt,
bathing suit, closed shoes, sun cream, insect repellent,
sun glasses, camera, small first aid kit, toileteries.
During the night; a set of clothes for the night,
sandals or flip flops, towel. From November till half
February nights can be cold.
Please note: Besides your personal belongings you will
need to carry extra stuff such as hammock, three bottle
of water + meals for day one.


*Please Note:
If you are an individual, we will try and pair you up with another group. If this is not possible and you still wish to do the trek then we will have to charge you a single supplement price according to the price list. For a private trek please ask for the price and let us know in advance that you don’t want to join with other individuals/groups. Treks run throughout the year, in both wet and dry seasons.