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We specialize in unique and affordable customized adventure jungle tours and all day trips in Ratanakiri and tailor made tours around the province.

Jammy – the general manager of Parrot Tours

Parrot Tours is a locally owned tour company located in Banlung city, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia. We have been operating and running tours for over a decade. Our Vision is to help protecting our nature and create jobs for local communities through tourism.

I still remember when we first started with our tourism industry, nobody believed that we could make it work, but we succeeded while many others failed and we established ourselves as the first travel agent in Banlung specialized on trekking and many other tours in the region. That’s from our strong commitment, believe, full immersion, innovation and creativity. I must say a special thanks to our team who use heart to work, all your efforts bring us this success, it would had not worked if there were no perseverance of all you guys joining us. We are grateful to all our clients who always support us by doing the tour with our company and we are proud that now even our guides believe in tourism business and three of our guides now start with their own companies like “Lucky Tours” and “The Green Jungle Trekking Tours.” That’s a positive sign that the tourism industry develops in the regions and creates more jobs, not only in the city but also in the rural areas where we lead our tours to.

Now let’s go on together, create jobs for local communities, improve their lives, let them realize that eco-tourism is their ,”Green Gold ” that is a nonstop income souce for generations, so they can join protecting our beautifully priceless nature and wildlife. By saving the nature we can save lots of lives from a single ant to an enormous elephant. As we provide job oppertunities to local people in the community forest, we give them an alternative to cutting down trees and this way maintain the nature.

We are unique operators, as we live in Ratanakiri so we are up to date with everything new and different, as well as having inside information on the latest events and changes on the site, we know quite a lot about the different cultures, traditions of the ethnic groups and the forests in our province. Ratanakiri is our home and no one knows it better than the local people of each region.

Surely, we want to provide you confidence when booking and traveling with us during your Ratanakiri trips. Knowing we live in the same province as you and making sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Ratanakiri Trips For Everyone

Our affordable Ratanakiri vacation & tours offer plenty of joy and lots to discover, and we would like to help you plan, enjoy and experience this splendid province as much as we can.

Adventure Tours Stunning waterfall Gibbons viewing


Visit Ratanakiri with us !

We believe that you should be seeing the wonderful province of Cambodia.

You may wish to dig out some of Cambodia’s secrets, have a bit of an adventure making contact with indigenous peoples and gibbons, trekking under the shade of giant trees in national parks or more for the water lovers by chilling by the incredible crater lake and waterfalls.

We have something for everyone from single travelers, couples, families,school groups, private groups and tours groups.