Wild Gibbon Spotting & Jungle Trekking


Three Destinations in one Trek

Fabulously unique two or three days wildlife jungle tours inside Vuensai-Siempang national park, Virachey national park and Virachey’s community forest .

Short description:

  • See and follow critically endangered yellow-cheeked crested gibbons (Nomascus annamensis) and many other forest species in their natural habitats deep inside the park
  • Unique jungle trekking in VSSPNP, Virachey NP &Virachey’s community forest
  • Swim and relax at a magnificent over 40 meters height waterfall in deep of the jungle
  • Learn about jungle plants, how to survive being in the jungle likely to local people who live around the area, fishing techniques and local cultural tours
  • Engage with local indigenous communities and visit a sacred cemetery of Kachock tribe
  • Largest primary and evergreen forests
  • Homestay and share stories with Kavet tribal family and drink their jar wine if you wish
  • Panoramic view, watching birds at grassland
  • Amazing boat trip on SeSan river
  • Fantastic bamboo-rafting on beautiful O’ Lalai river with  diverse views  .


Yellow-crested cheeked Gibbon

Introduction of VSSPNP

Veun Sai -Siem Pang National Park (VSSPNP) is located in northeastern Cambodia. It covers an area of over 50,000 hectares with large area of vast evergreen forests. VSSPNP riches with many Endangered and Critically Endangered species including our Cambodian National Birds, the giant ibis, leopard cats, pangolins, lorises, langurs and especially home to the largest population of the newly discovered gibbon species, the northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbons. It is the best area for wildlife lovers to enjoy seeing, following Gibbons and visiting the jungles.

Due to many years in research, a group of gibbons is habituated to the presence of humans, so tourists have very high chance to see and follow them in their nature habitats without disturbing to their ecological behavior. Recently the chance to see the Gibbons has increased up to 85% at the site!
We run the tour to see the gibbons in the park from two to three days. You book this tour, it means that you contribute to the conservation of this gibbon species and community development as most of your expense is going directly to the community and conservation of the park.

Trip options: Two and three days

Itineraries as following:

Option 1: 2days/1 nigth:
Day 1: 8:10am meet at Parrot Tours office in Banlung and take 20 minutes for your last preparation before the tour departure. 8:30am-Travel by car /van/or 4x4wd to Kachon village (Tom Poun tribal villages), which would take approximately 50 minutes to get there. Visit the villages of the Tom Poun and Krueng tribes. Enjoy a scenic approximately 40minutes motorized boat ride upstream the mighty of Sesan river to visit a majestic Viracehy’s Kachock forest with one hours and half trekking to a stunningly amazing over forty meters high waterfall where you can invigorate your muscles and refresh in the cool water before enjoying lunch. Trek back another one and a half hours to the boat and then to a Kachock ethnic village and a short trek to observe the sacred cemetery of Kachock indigenous. Take a boat downstream Sesan river for about 60 minutes trip to Vuensai, enjoy a coffee or sugarcane juice  break and then check in at VSSPNP office. You’ll be taken by community motodob for an hour ride to VSSPNP base research station.Note: If you not like the idea of riding  motodob, we can arrange a community Koyun(trailer) for taking you to VSSPNP base research station. Meet local gibbon ranger and trek with him and English speaking guide to the grassland for bird watching. Dinner will be prepared by the community chef at the research station. After dinner you will go out for a safari night walk to look for nocturnal species and experience the jungle by nightfall. Go to bed around 9pm as the following day is an early grumpy morning start!

Male yellow-crested cheeked Gibbon

Day 2: Get up at 3:30am, as we head out of the station around4am . This is in order to be at the edge of the jungle before the Gibbons start their call at dawn  and we should not miss it. Once the gibbons are located, we will watch and follow them for a couple hours . This gibbons experience is simply  breathtaking as you watch them swinging through the trees just above your head. Our return  to the station for lunch. After lunch we head back to the office and sign out of the national part, then catch a ferry accross Sesan river and our transport awaits you on the other side to take you back to Banlung. You’ll be back in Banlung at around 3pm approxemately.

Price Includes: Price Excludes:
All necessary transportations by Motodob,car /4x4WD/or van
Boat trips and ferry on Sesan river
Professional English speaking guideLocal gibbon ranger
Meals: day 1 (L&D), day2(B&L)
Local chef while being at the VSSPNP
Entrance fee for VSSPNP, Virachey Np and Kachock cemetery ($65 per person)
Accommodation at the base camp
Water, coffee and tea
Personal expenses
accommodation in Banlung
Breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 2


The Price- 2 Days/1 nights: Things to bring:
1 person – 465$
2 people – 279$ per person
3-4 people – 239$ per person
5-6 people – 219$ per person
During the actual trek; long trousers, T shirt,
bathing suit, closed shoes, sun cream, insect repellent,
sun glasses, camera, small first aid kit, toileteries.
During the night; a set of clothes for the night,
sandals or flip flops, towel.

For Three Days tour after the first and second day as described above

Option 2 starts here, day 2 continues
After lunch you’ll be taken back to Veunsai to sign out from the office. You will be taken to Koklark community, visit the village and meet local community ranger and then trek for 2 hours to the mountain at Tju Pres rapid. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Virachey NP from the mountain top and a good refreshing swim at a beautiful O’Lalai river. You’ll stay overnight with the local Kavet. Have a pleasant dinner with the host family and understand their culture and lifestyle and enjoy the local jar wine if you wish. Your guide will act as an interpreter

Day 3:
The host family will serve you breakfast before you say Goodbye to them! Enjoy bamboo-rafting downstream spectacular O’Lalai river for 3 hours to Kocklak village with view along the river.
Lunch will be at Koklark, then you’ll be taken by moto to Vuensai and take a ferry across Sesan river from there our vehicle waits to take you back to Banlung.

Price Includes: Price Excludes:
All necessary transportations  by car/or 4x4wd/van and motodob

Boat trip on and ferry on Sesan river
Professional  English speaking guide
Local gibbon ranger and Kavet local trekking and rafting ranger
Meals: Day1: L, D,
Day 2: three meals, Day 3: two meals
Drink: water, coffee, tea and local homemade jar wine while being at the Kavet family
Accommodations: room with fan and mosquito-net at VSSPNP station, Homestay at Kavet tribal family
All entrance fees: Kacock cemetery, Virachey NP, VSSPNP & Kachock CPA ($75 per person)
Bamboo-rafting on spectacular O’Lalai river

Personal expenses
accommodation in Banlung
Breakfast on day1 and dinner on day 3


The Price- 3 Days/2 nights: Things to bring:
1 person – 550$
2 people – 324$ per person
3 – 4 people – 289$ per person
5 – 6 people – 259$ per person
During the actual trek; long trousers, T shirt,
bathing suit, closed shoes, sun cream, insect repellent,
sun glasses, camera, small first aid kit, toileteries.
During the night; a set of clothes for the night,
sandals or flip flops, towel. From November till midst of February nights can be cold! 


*Please Note:
If you are an individual, we will try and pair you up with another group. If this is not possible and you still wish to do the trek then we will have to charge you a single supplement price according to the price list. For a private trek please ask for the price and let us know in advance that you don’t want to join with other individuals/groups. Treks run throughout the year, in both wet and dry seasons.

***Important note: 
This itinerary is written based on our research expeditions. It should be read in order to get a good impression and NOT as a detailed hour by hour itinerary.
Parrot Tours Adventure Trekking Ratanakiri, Cambodia has the right to change parts, or divert the route of the trek due to extreme weather and terrain conditions for your safety and /or in order to follow guidelines of the indigenous rangers without any prior notice.

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