Monday, August 2, 2021

Virachey National Park

Virachey National Park is the largest national park in Cambodia with an area over 3300 square km and it borders in the north to Lao and in the east to Vietnam. The park with its prestine untouched jungle, waterfalls, small creeks, rivers and mountains play such an important role in the Mekong region and was therefore designated an Asean Heritage Park in 2003. Until today Virachey has never been fully explored and rare mammals such as elephants, sun bears and clouded leopads live here as well as pagoline, civet, mouse deer endangered gibbons and other primates, rare birds, hornbills and giant ibis. You have a great chance to see the wildlife with our jungle tours. We offer various unique trecking tours into Virachey National Park lasting from 2 to 14 days. Our Options: For detailed informations please select the links above. (Prices depend on the size of the group. Max. 7 people) Please check the iteneraries below.