Monday, August 2, 2021
Close to the Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia triangle, a beautiful jungle awaits for your discovery. Its name is Virachey Forest that is part of the Virachey National Park but it belongs to the indigenous local tribe people living in the area. The local people have the right to use the forest in a sustainable way. Despite from farming, the locals collect different types of fruites, traditional medicine, vegetables, resins and other natural resources from the jungle. Until today, they still rely very much on the jungle. The eco-tourism in the area developed into an important income stream for the local communities. They work as guides, drivers, and provide accommodation and the entrance fee to the forest also benefits the community. Besides the beautiful nature, the area is home to a lot of wildlife like pagolins, civets, gibbons, langur, monkeys, bear, wildboar, mouse deer, repitiles, tigers, wild guar, deer and many bird species such as picock, eagles, parrots, owls and many more.   In this community forest of Virachey (CPA), we conduct an interesting adventure from 2-4 days of trekking. Our options:
  • Adventure Jungle Mountain Trek in Kachock Area: 2 – 4 Days
  • 1 Day Trekking in Virachey’s Community Forest
  • Virachey’s Mountain Trek in Kachock Area
For detailed informations please select the links above.   (Prices depend on the size of the group.)